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GTA 5 Download

GTA 5 PC Game Download: Hello friends today We are going to reveal complete links to Download GTA 5. As we all know Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most popular and fabulous Action and adventure game. Here in the Download section,  We are going to provide highly compressed links forDownload GTA 5 PC Game. This most popular game is developed by  Rockstar North and it is published by Rockstar Games.


Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game is released worldwide for Microsoft Windows platform on 14th April 2015. Here in this article, We come to share all necessary information about Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game. We are also going to provide some important GTA 5 cheat codes and system requirements points. So stay tuned for this article to get all information about stunning action-adventure Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game.

Download GTA 5 PC Game Description

Game GTA 5
Platform PC
Download Price Zero
Rating 5

GTA 5 is released in the year 2014 but for PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Console. Later one year, it is released for PC. This Driving kind of game is developed by the most popular action game developer in the world. GTA 5 has taken entry after five years of its predecessor game Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4). Originally GTA 5 is set in an imaginary state of San Andreas.

The developer has added many improved and advance feature to this stunning Grand Theft Auto 5 Free Download PC game. There are lots of mission that a player has to clear. The player can complete the mission by vehicles or foot. While completing the various mission, he can collect money and many more things. So GTA 5 For PC is the complete pack of Joyness and enjoyment.

General GTA 5 PC Game Information

  • Title: GTA 5 ( Grand Theft Auto 5)
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action and Adventure
  • Series Grand Theft Auto (GTA)
  • Mode: Single as well as Multiplayer
  • Size: 58.7 GB/ Splits into 31 Parts each of 1.95 GB

The gameplay of GTA 5 PC Game (Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay)

Here in this part, We are going to say something about GTA 5  PC Gameplay. As a player, you can play this game from either a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective. The player can progress in the game by completing Pre-set objectives.

Once a player is playing out of the mission,  he is free to roam and can explore the various location. There is no kind of restriction at the beginning of the game. As the game progress, it unlocks different mission and game content. The player can take control of any car or bike from anywhere in the game. A player can perform various kind of attacks like melee attacks, firearm, fight, etc against enemies.

The player can also jump, swim to explore the environment. GTA 5 PC Game has added fixed-wing aircraft vehicle which is not present in its previous installment Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Game. The main objective of all player is to collect money in a different way.

If a player does any kind of crimes then it is responded by law enforcement agencies which detected by the wanted meter. Different star on the display indicates the present wanted level. If a player did much crime then it is a maximum five -star level.

GTA5 Game Characters

In Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game, there is 5 playable character named as Michael, Trevor Philips, and Franklin. Each playable character has various skills and abilities. Some mission in the game is only complete with only one playable character.

Sometimes the game automatically changes characters to complete various objectives. Players in GTA V has 2 colored flashlight one is red and another is white. Red indicates he is in a dangerous situation and require help while white colored light indicates he is a safe and strategic advantage.

Some mission contains some difficult task for that as a player you have required some skill in computer hacking. Also, you have an opportunity to operate jet fighter, speed boats in GTA V For pc game Free. In some mission you have to deal with drug, steal some very important objects or items.

GTA 5 PC Game Graphics Information

GTA 5 Download Free pc games come with the amazing graphics engine. Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game gives you high quality of graphics and provides a realistic view of each and every object and location. You can play with 30 other players in multiplayer mode. You can also plat GTA 5 game online.

This Online game contains some more additional gameplay content. The developer of Grand theft Auto 5 PC game has used some advanced technology to design this game. So we can say Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best action game of the year 2015.

GTA 5 Vehicles List

So, GTA 5 Download free PC game has more than 450 vehicles. This is also we can say one reason to be a more popular game among all other driving games. GTA V Vehicles has been divided into Different Categories. Some of its most used categories are listed below. so check out the list of GTA 5 Vehicles list.

  • Passenger cars like Asterope, Primo, Sultan, Rapid GT, etc
  • Trucks
  • Utility Van like airport Bus, Fieldmaster, mixer, Tractor, etc.
  • Emergency and Military Vehicles like Ambulance, Police bike, Police Prison Bus, Police transporter, etc
  • Motorcycle
  • Aircraft like Air Ambulance, Blimp, Jet, etc.
  • Watercraft like Jetmax, Seashark, etc.
  • Bicycles like Cruiser, Race bike, etc.

So, Above is some overview about which types of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 game is available.

Weapons In GTA 5 Free PC Game

As we all know weapons is very important to play or make progress in Grand Theft Auto 5 Free PC game. So here in this section, We are a move to share overall information about Weapons which are used in GTA 5 free download PC game.

A standard version of this free games contains 30 various types of weapons. Out of 30 weapons, 21 are for firearms, 5 used for melee items and  4 are thrown types of weapons. While playing a game if you want to use weapons then hold down Tab, it will show you list of weapons in form of the wheel and you have to select desired weapons with the help of mouse.

Unlike other game of the same kind, players can carry all weapons at the same time. Here we have shown the list of Weapons in GTA 5 Game. So check out the following list.

  • Melee weapons like Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Fist, Hammer, Knife, Nightstick, Switchblade, etc.
  • Handguns like AP Pistol, Combat Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Stun Gun, etc.
  • The shotgun like Assault Shotgun, Musket, Heavy Shotgun.
  • Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle.
  • Heavy Weapons like Minigun, Rocket Launcher.
  • Throne Weapons like Grenade, Tear gas, Sticky bomb, etc.
  • and some special weapons.

Download GTA 5 Free PC Game Full Version For PC

Finally, your wait is over. In this part, We are going to reveal all links for GTA 5 Download. Below we have given one download button. Just press the download button to Download GTA 5 Full PC Game With a single click. A game is divided into thirty-one(31) parts.

so you have to download each part individually from the given link. We have verified each and every link so without fear of the virus, you can download Grand Theft Auto 5 free pc game full version latest.

Download Grand Theft Auto 5


GTA 5 Cheat Codes

Here in this section, We are going to share some secret code or we can say GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes. This cheat code is used to get important things very quickly and easily. If you know cheat codes then it really helps while playing the game on PC.

You can enter cheat code via game windows console. To enter cheat code first you have to press tilde”~” button and after that enter any of the following code as per your requirements.

  • Farming Bullets         INCENDIARY
  • Melee Attacks           HOTHANDS
  • For Parachute            SKYDIVE
  • Moon Gravity            FLOATER
  • Recharge Ability        POWERUP
  • Spawn Limo              VINEWOOD
  • Invincibility                PAINKILLER
  • Health Increase         TURTLE
  • Fast Run                     CATCHME
  • Rainy Atmosphere     MAKEITRAIN

So, Above is common and most used cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 5 Free pc game.

Review Of GTA 5 For PC  Game (Grand Theft Auto 5 Review)

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game is also released for gaming console like Play Station 4 and XBox. GTA 5 game provides lots of unique features to gaming console but pc version if this game fully features pack.

GTA 5 PC version provides more improvements than gaming Console. After release, this game has received positive reviews from various critics. This game is praised for its 4k graphics support, Gameplay story, Number of vehicles and different categories of weapons.

Structure of GTA 5 Game is also remarkable. GTA 5 Download PC game gives benefits of the lightning model, dynamic weather system, day and nightlife cycle etc. You can add your own music track to play music in the background.

Some system has minimum system specification then it is struggling for them to run or play GTA 5 PC game smoothly. For Smooth playing of this game, you have to run this game in a system having at least a core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM. It also requires a graphics card with 2 GB RAM.

GTA 5 Free PC Game Official Trailer

Here below video is the official trailer for this stunning action adventure and driving game. So before downloading and installing Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game please check this official trailer.


Features Of GTA 5 Free PC Game

Here in this section of this blog post, We are going to share some ordinary and amazing features of this free PC games. GTA 5 PC Game contains lot more features than its predecessor installment of the main GTA series. The developer has added many features as well as improved some basic features.

So before installing GTA 5 for PC you must check great feature of most awaited action adventure and drive PC games. We have not listed all features of GTA 5 but listed most great and stunning features.

  • Superior Graphics with 4K support
  • A custom radio station with unlimited soundtracks
  • Enhanced keyboard and mouse control
  • 3 Different playable characters
  • Added Advance level of weaponry
  • Lots of cars, utility van, bicycle, bike to Roam
  • Perform Melee attack, Firearms, etc.
  • you can operate Aircraft and Watercraft
  • A dynamic weather system is there.
  • Day and night life cycle
  • Proper hardware Configuration
  • Realistic sound and many more

So you can only realize all above-listed Grand Theft Auto 5 PC game features once you install the game on your system. To self- experience all features goto download section of this article and download GTA 5 PC game full version latest and install GTA v on your PC.

GTA 5 PC System Requirements

In this part, I am going to share what kind of specification that your system must require to install GTA 5 for pc. Below we have listed out both minimum system specification as well as a recommended system specification.

So before installing Grand Theft Auto 5 on your personal computer check whether your system meets either minimum or recommended system requirements.

GTA 5 Download PC Game Minimum System Requirements

If your personal computer has not that much big specification than don’t worry. If your pc meets following requirements then you are able to play this game efficiently. so check your pc specification with the following specification.

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit Operating System)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Core CPU 6600 2.40GHz OR AMD Phenom 9850 Quad CPU  2.5GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT (1GB RAM) / AMD HD 4870 (1GB)
  • DirectX:  10 Version
  • Hard Drive Space: 65 GB Free Space

GTA 5 Download PC Game Recommended Requirements

If you want to play GTA 5 on PC very smoothly and efficiently then your system must have required following PC requirement. So, check out the below listed the recommended requirement to install this game on your PC easily.

  • OS: Windows 8/8.1/10 ( 64-bit OS)
  • CPU:  Intel Core i5 3470 3.2GHZ (4 core) OR AMD X8 FX-8350  4.0GHZ (8 Core)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 (2GB RAM) OR AMD HD7870 (2GB RAM)
  • DirectX: 11 Version
  • Hard Drive Space:  Free 65 GB Space On HDD

How to install GTA 5 For PC Free Full Version ( Installation Guide)

Just follow installation instruction to properly Install GTA V on pc. once your downloading process gets completed, you have to start to install GTA v in pc free full version.

While installing this game you have to take care that you have not missed any below-mentioned steps. Once it is properly installed game on your system then enjoy such cool action adventure and driving game.

  • First of all, press above the download button.
  • It redirects to a text file which contains all parts of GTA 5 pc game.
  • Now, download each and every parts from the links given in a text file.
  • Unzip the first Part.
  • Mount or Burn using UltraISO or other available tools.
  • Find out “Setup.exe” and  Run “Setup.exe” file.
  • It will initiate the installation process.
  • Enjoy the cool adventure and driving pc free game.

Game Screenshots

GTA 5 Download

GTA 5 Game Free Download

GTA 5 PC Game

Final Terms

Finally, This article contains all useful information like Gameplay, weapon list, vehicles list, cheat codes, features, system requirements etc about GTA 5 pc game. We have given proper installation guide and links for GTA 5 download. According to us, this is the best game of the grand theft auto series.

If you have any problem with a download link or any query then you are free to ask in below comment box. If you like this article then share with your friends and don’t forget to rate this blog post. And regularly visit our blog TopPCGames for download free games. Thanks.